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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Statues by Tim Miller

By far, one of the coolest things we have at our store are the full sized character statues. Some of our most recent additions are my favorites so far:

Black Cat and Black Widow, both sculpted by Tim Miller.

I was browsing today on deviantART, an online community where artists can showcase and discus their work (and where a lot of my favorite comic book artists show off their artwork) and I was excited to find that Tim Miller, the sculptor of both statues, has an account where he posts shots of his sculptures as works in progress.

It’s impressive to see the amount of effort and talent that goes into making each one. Not to mention, I think they look really awesome in their unpainted stage. You can really appreciate the amount of detail work put into each one.

Miller occasionally posts a step by step progression of how the statue begins as a wire frame and is gradually built up using clay and wax to produce the final product. Miller also briefly explains his process and the other materials used, such as the fabric panels, and what happens after he has finalized his design. This is Miller's progression of his Mystique statue, which was designed by one of my favorite artists, Adam Hughes.

It’s fascinating to see how Miller bring a flat piece of artwork to life. You have to appreciate the talent and work that it takes to create something like this. It’s really impressive, so definitely check out Miller’s page to see more behinds the scenes info on his work in his own words at or you can just come in and see the finished products for yourself.

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