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Saturday, April 30, 2011



It's springtime and that means it's time to clean!  Clean out back issues that is. 

In Fairfax and Columbus from now, April 30th, until the end of May ALL Back Issues will be on sale for 50% off the sticker price!  Also Included in this sale are Hardcover Marvel Masterworks and DC Archive editions.

We need make some room in the bins, and our loss is your gain!  Missing some books in your collection?  Want to try out a new title?  Can't beat 50% OFF.

 FCBD is MAY 7th

Don't forget that FCBD is next weekend as well, so stock up on the 50% off stuff THIS weekend and come grab stuff for Free next weekend!!  Lots of interesting and exciting offerings for this year's FCBD. Hope to see you in the store this month; it’s shaping up to be a great one!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


THE SECRET IS OUT! Word of Steve Rogers' clandestine operations has leaked to the world, kicking off a global race by the Secret Avengers to save compromised superhuman assets before they can be taken off the board! Behind it all: a mystery man in familiar garb, who'll force the Super-Soldier to confront some very hard realities about his new role as a general.

It's a shining, golden, new age for the Thunder God and Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel are back to lead the charge! Thor and Sif dive deep into the heart of the fractured World Tree to reclaim an artifact from beyond time and space, an artifact that attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer. And when a herald such as he arrives on Earth, the arrival of his master is certain to follow. Prepare for the return of the World Eater...prepare for the return of Galactus! Fans can't miss an all new behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated major motion picture with a sneak peek at some of the art!

David Kim has a choice: Join his companions in battle against a horde of murderous creatures or abandon them to their fates while he sets off alone to tackle escaped killer James Church. Plus: Nuns with guns!

Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title's historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 96 pages!
Writer Paul Cornell leads off with a 51-page story that concludes the "Black Ring" story and begins the next act of the "Reign of Doomsday" epic. With art by Pete Woods and Jesus Merino, this story welcomes The Man of Steel back to the pages of ACTION, and also features vignettes illustrated by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, Rags Morales, Ardian Syaf, Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal, Gary Frank and more.
The issue also includes bonus short stories by the writer/artist teams of Damon Lindelof and Ryan Sook; Paul Dini, R.B. Silva and Rob Lean; David Goyer and Miguel Sepulveda; and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.
Plus, Richard Donner and Derek Hoffman write a story in movie-script form, with storyboard-style art by Matt Camp! And Brian Stelfreeze contributes a two-page spread depicting Superman in an homage to so many of the great artists who have drawn The Man of Steel through the decades.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Signing Alert

This Sunday, May 1st, Max Ink will be at the Laughing Ogre High Street location signing his new Blink collection from 3-5.