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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out with the Old...

After months of ruling the tournament circuits, the infamous Jace, the Mind Sculptor will be banned.  M12 will see a replacement Jace in the form of Jace, Memory Adept.  Weigh in here in share your thoughts on the swap.


The island Sodo is home to the most reprehensible criminals, who live here in isolation without fear of further prosecution by the state. The only rule felons must abide by is this: never leave the island - otherwise one becomes a Ghostface, hunted and killed like a feral animal.

But when the wrongly accused threatens to shatter the very foundation of the island, a mass paranoia consumes Sodo, and the line between tormenter and prey suddenly becomes blurred...
There are few graphic story tellers who can pull me into a world as quickly as Min-Woo Hyung and this first volume of Ghostface throws you into the thick of a conflict years in the making.  For those of you lucky enough to have read the creator's previous work in Priest can continue to expect great characters, an intricate plot, and moral ambiguity from Hyung.  Those new to his work are in for a treat.  If there is only one book you pick up this week, the choice is easy; grab Ghostface off the shelf before someone else beats you to it.