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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Pick for Halloween

Pixu HC Vol. 1 Mark of Evil

This gripping tale of urban horror follows the lives of five lonely tenants-strangers-whose lives become intertwined when they discover a dark mark scrawled on the walls of their building. The horror sprouts quite innocently from a small seed and finds life as something otherworldly, damaged, full of love, hate, fear, and power. As the walls come alive, everyone is slowly driven mad-defenseless against the evil in the building, stripped of free will, leaving only confusion, chaos, and eventual death.
Originally self-published as a two-volume book, this groundbreaking work receives a deluxe presentation in a hardcover edition with a sketchbook section.

Pixu is a simple yet complex book; it is a quick read with simple dialogue, but there is a lot more depth behind it. I enjoyed the twisted nature of the story as well as the beautiful artwork.

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