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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lloyd's Pick of the Month


Welcome to Astro City, a shining city on a hill where super-heroes patrol the skies. Each chapter in this collection is a standalone story, highlighting different aspects or characters in the Astro City world. The city's leading super-hero tries to be everywhere at once, and berates himself for every wasted second as he longs for just a moment of his own. A smalltime hood learns a hero's secret identity, and tries to figure out how to profit from the knowledge. A beat reporter gets some advice from his editor on his first day on the job. A young woman tries to balance the demands of her family with her own hopes and desires. Despite the fantastic settings, the characters in these slice-of-life stories feel like real people, and that gives the stories real power.

I was going to quit collecting comics and then I read this.  Classic storytelling that makes  investing into each character worth it.  Mixed with great art, I felt I was in the city with the people.  I want to visit this place for real.

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