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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week's Picks

New Avengers #3
How do you take a group of experienced super heroes and make them feel useless?  Try opening up a trans-dimensional rift and light the sky on fire.  Follow up by sprinkling demons from an unknown dark dimension upon Manhattan.  For that extra bit of amazing, be sure to take Iron Fist and set him up for a head to head battle against an enemy as epic as Shou-Lao.  Savor the flavor, my friends, savor the flavor.

Batman Beyond #3
It's Batman of the Future vs Hush!  What else do you need to know?  This series captures the conflict between young Terry McGuiness and his bat-mentor, Bruce and distills it with the return of one of the original Batman's most dangerous enemies.  As Terry would say, this comic is way shway.  Yes, I said it and no, I won't apologize.

DV8 Gods and Monsters #5
This is one of those comics not enough people are reading.  It doesn't matter if you haven't read any of the original DV8 series (I haven't), this is a must read.  Brian Wood continues this 8 issue series by escalating the hatred between Sublime and Evo.  Check it out and it'll have you clamoring for more.

- Ryan

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