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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reviews By Kids For Kids!

Marvel Super Hero Squad
Independent Reading level: 3rd grade
Entertainment for: super hero lovers

I like it because it has heroes and villains and every time the superheroes win and sometimes the villains get captured. The villains are trying to get the infinity fractals to try to get powers. But the infinity fractals have weird powers, and when they touch it weird things happen. Sometimes they get fat. Sometimes they switch bodies. All the fractals have different powers.

It’s cool and funny.

The fractals are all around superhero city hidden and the villains are trying to find them to get powers.

They have a video game and comic book and cartoon and toys and posters!

Review By: Gryphon Nichols (age 5, boy)

Tiny Titans
Independent Reading level: Early Readers K-2
Entertainment for: everybody!

I like Tiny Titans because it is a good book. It is really funny and cute. There are a bunch of funny things in it. It’s about the tiny titans (all the superheroes have kids) and robin doesn’t have a dad so batman is his dad. They do different things everyday but they don’t go on missions. They are all friends and they have a clubhouse and a pet club. They do silly things together.

It’s kind of like the Teen Titans cartoon except when they are smaller. 

Review By: Phoenix Nichols (age 6, girl)

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