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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rack Pick: Hack/Slash

 Ever wonder what happens to the last girl standing in every slasher movie once the credits roll?  In the case of tough-as-nails goth gal Cassie Hack, the action's just beginning!

After being faced with no choice but to dispatch her own murderous mother, Cassie has made it her mission to hunt down and kill- sometimes several times over- those sinister psychos with supernatural evil on their side.  Along for the ride is her partner Vlad, a hulking oddity whose monstrous visage masks a naive soul.  Together they traverse America's backroads, making allies (a veterinarian, a stripper, and a weird hairless dog) and enemies (demonic rock stars, possessed teddy bears, secret societies...) with every blood-soaked, entrail-strewn issue!  There's lots for fans of comics, camp, and horror flicks to love here- including guest appearances by the Reanimator and the Suicide Girls- as well as the occasional emotional moment.  Cassie is a hopeless misfit with a dirty job, but Hack/Slash's heavy gore and gleeful trash mask a hidden heart of friendship and self-discovery.  There's a reason this title has been steadily gaining in popularity since its debut in 2004!

Hack/Slash recently made a noted move from struggling publisher Devil's Due to Image.  Here's a story for you: creator/writer/cover artist Tim Seeley took out a loan to pay his artists to whom Devil's Due still owed money, erasing his old publisher's debt before moving to his new one.  Classy move!  Image is rereleasing the hefty Omnibus collections, starting with Volume 1 this week- a great place for new readers to start!

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