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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Geeks with Cards

With each successive set, Magic the Gathering has provided players with more potent spells and more powerful creatures.  This is certainly true for the newest incarnation: Rise of the Eldrazi.  However, there have been questions as to whether or not these cards are too powerful.  Players point to 15/15 creatures with special bonuses that are daunting to any opponent, but guess what; that's the point of this set.

Some players have been chastised for building a deck around a single "god card", but this month, Wizards of the Coast gives us an entire set of such cards.  In this plane, players encounter a race of creatures which each wield power equal to their own. The panic and awe the planeswalkers feel on the battlefield is transferred to the player in a very real and authentic way.  How do you raise the stakes of the game?  You create a build in tension.  Slowing the pace of the game with a focus on defender (blocking creatures) and higher casting costs allows for a more dramatic experience.  Be patient and focus on strategy. Don't let these impressive creatures scare you off from this unique set.

Rise of the Eldrazi will make a wonderful introductory set for anyone who is curious about Magic.  New mechanics like annihilator, totem armor, rebound, and leveling are sure to level the battlefield and leave even the most experienced brains steaming to figure out a way to come out ahead.  Be sure to stop in on April 23rd to Laughing Ogre Comics to check out this set and prepare yourself from some of the most gripping games of Magic you've ever seen.

PS – If your opponent gets the opportunity to play this card, you probably weren’t going to win anyway.

- Ryan

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