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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liz's Pick of the Week

  Other Lives by Peter Bagge

If you've ever navigated the choppy seas of online communities or social networking sites, you've probably got a good idea of how common it is in this day and age to have a "second self"- an online version of one's life where the line between fantasy and reality blurs easily.  This volatile duality is at the heart of Peter Bagge's Other Lives, out this week on Vertigo.

Fans of Bagge's earlier work (Neat Stuff, Hate Annual) will recognize his cynical take on modern relationships and his expressive, cartoony artwork in this short story of four adults with secret identities, online and off.  Journalist Vader Ryderbeck reunites with two old college buddies while reseaching a piece about anonymity and the internet, but finds neither man is exactly what he seems; meanwhile his girlfriend Ivy gets mixed up in the online fantasy community "Second World", with explosive consequences! By turns funny and dark, Other Lives is a satirical look at the new definition of existence.  Check it out!

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