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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rack Pick: Thor the Mighty Avenger

  Since its first issue dropped in late summer 2010, Thor: the Mighty Avenger has gained a relatively small but very vocal following.  It's been a fun ride for this critically acclaimed all-ages miniseries, but all good things must end eventually- the eighth and final issue is on stands this week!

Each issue has featured a self-contained adventure while maintaining the continuing narrative of Odin's banished son as he adjusts to life on Midgard, befriends a woman named Jane, and meets other members of the Marvel Universe.  This installment is no exception: Thor is captured by scientists and teams up with a familiar iron-suited zillionaire to escape.  Writer Roger Langridge has crafted the series as an origin story and a jumping on point; it's light-hearted and accessible to new and younger readers, but entertaining and well-crafted enough to merit a look from those who have perhaps wearied of the endless grim n' gritty atmosphere permeating today's flagship titles.  It's got a really classic feel to it.  Chris Samnee's artwork looks very traditional at first glance, however it's flexible enough for moments of punchy action and silly levity alike, and is perfectly complimented by Matt Wilson's understated coloring.

Like many series cancelled before their time, T:MA ends a little abruptly, but it's a good stopping point.  The first trade is out now and the second is coming soon.  Check this underrated gem out today, and don't fight the inevitable urge to recommend it to your friends- it's an adventure everyone can enjoy!

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