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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Junk: Record of the Last Hero

Hiro is a high school student refusing to go to school after a traumatic run-in with the local bullies.  But his feeble life is forever changed when, one day, he applies online for a new gadget called "JUNK". Once the mysterious package arrives, he activates the gadget and finds himself encased within a powered armor JUNK suit.  Apparently "the clothes DO indeed make the man" as HIro is granted abilities far beyond anything the muscle-bound jocks at his school could ever dream.  Soon after, he embarks on nightly rampages getting back at the bullies and destroying property until he discovers... There is another with a unit nearly identical to his own.  The owner of the other JUNK suit is a woman who's not too keen on Hiro's abuse of his new super-powered threads, and smacks him around real good for it.  To complicate matters even further, he accidentally destroys his home and kills his parents! (oops!) Now, a naive boy must learn to fend for himself and choose to use his power for good or evil.

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