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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Week's Picks

Magus #1
Centuries past, magic was sealed away from the world, making it a myth to the general public.  Over the years, the seal has been weakening, but the powers that be have succeeded in containing the secret.  Now, someone has appeared with enough individual power to throw off the restrained flow of magic.  This person is re-igniting magic throughout the world.  The concept alone is fantastic, but artwork by Rebekah Isaacs makes this a must-buy regardless.

Firebreather #1
Duncan and friends return to the funny books in light of his silver screen debut.  You get all of the high school action of Ultimate Spider-man with the physical deformity of the Thing.  As you can imagine, Duncan deals with all the drama being in high school involves and splits time fighting monsters for the government.  Whether you read the original series, are interested in the tv movie, or read Spider-man, or Invincible, be sure to check this out.

Skull Kickers #4
Everytime time I read and issue of Skull Kickers, I'm disappointed... that it's not longer.  Okay, okay, I know that was corny, but it's the truth. This series continues to impress. As simple as it seems, the best word to describe Skull Kickers is "fun." If you are a fan of fun, be sure to watch the continued adventures of the tall one and the short one as they take on a horde of undead, hit a necromancer in the mouth, and battle a possessed leg.

Axe Cop
You need to read this.  It doesn't matter what you normally read, Axe Cop is a comic you will enjoy.  It is the fruit born of brotherly love as 5 year old Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his 29 year old brother Ethan Nicolle.  It is the epitome of random and you can never truly get your bearings in the truest sense of "break-neck storytelling".  A child's imagination is a fascinating and dangerous place.

The Cape #1
Many people claim to make "real world" super hero comics.  The Cape is one of the few that really feels like it.  I don't want to give away too much in a review, but suffice it to say the first issue is enthralling and manages to throw some curve balls as well.  One of the most important parts of creating a character is making them flawed, imperfect.  Protagonist Eric is just about as flawed as he can be.

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