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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gift Guide: New Anthologies

I think we can all agree that nothing makes a better holiday gift than COMICS, right?  For those who are maybe a little unsure of which way their loved ones' tastes run and want to take a broader approach, though, anthologies are the way to go.  They offer a variety of artistic and storytelling styles in one sitting; familiar favorites can often be found side-by-side with new taste sensations.  It's a veritable comics buffet!  Here's a few suggestions, fresh off the presses...

Trickster is a collection of Native American folk tales, all revolving around the titular supernatural entity.  Tricksters are crafty beings, causing chaos or mischief in the pursuit of fun and survival; these collaborations between native writers and comic artists vary as much in tone and approach as they do in setting (each people from coast to coast has their own version of the Trickster).  Great for storytelling fans of all ages!

For the rock n' roller in your life there's CBGB, a compilation centered around the legendary New York City music club.  From Chuck BB's inky stylings to Rob G's scratchy lines to Mr. Sheldon's eye-popping neon colors, the art herein is just as loud as the music at the heart of each story.  The cover is by legendary punk cartoonist and Love & Rockets creator Jaime Hernadez, too- instant credibility, and an attractive addition to any underground comics collection!

If you grab one anthology this year, though, it MUST be The Best American Comics 2010, guest edited this year by none other than Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman.  There's a little bit of everything in here, and it's truly the cream of the crop: excerpts from Asterios Polyp rub shoulders with Scott Pilgrim; big names like R. Crumb and the Hernandez Brothers are side by side with upstarts like Derf and Fred Chao.  "All killer, no filler" is the order of the day here, folks; it's on the rack NOW so check it out!

There's lots more where this came from; don't be afraid to ask for suggestions at the store!  We've got LOTS of opinions. In the meantime, a very happy holidays to you form your friends here at the Laughing Ogre!

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