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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nicol Bolas

When most people think of Magic the Gathering, only a collectible card game comes to mind.  In reality, the mythos and lore created by Wizards of the Coast expands far beyond the game.  In a post regarding world-building, we introduced you to Jace Beleren and the Multiverse.  Today, you meet someone even more significant than Jace.

What's cooler than an all-powerful  wizard? An all-powerful dragon wizard, that's what.  Nicol Bolas is the oldest living being in all the Multiverse.  Here's a quick glimpse at one of the most powerful planeswalkers in history.

For one whose life spans millenia, talking about mundane details like birth and death (or deaths in this case) is meaningless.  As many lives are defined by conflict, Nicol Bolas has mastered the art of controlling conflict.  In this he manipulates entire planes and even other planeswalkers.  Combining his elder dragon powers along with the power of a planeswalker has made Nicol Bolas a seemingly omnipotent being for century upon century. 

His machinations have often put him at odds against enemies of unimaginable power.  Since this is Nicol Bolas we're talking about, they always come at him in groups.  Even if he seems to be defeated, we usually find out it was all part of his plan.  Maybe this guy is a sore loser, but I'm inclined to believe him.  He recently lost his planeswalker power and is forced to make due with his elder dragon powers.  Where once he had limitless time an untold wealth of knowledge accumulated over millenia of access to the most secretive arcance texts, Nicol Bolas now faces mortality and a eroding memory.  For the first time ever, Nicol Bolas is working against the clock.  Be sure to check out the continuing saga of Nicol Bolas as he is on a quest to regain his lost power at all costs. 

To find out more about the exploits of Nicol Bolas as well as other Planeswalkers from MtG, copy the web address below.

- Ryan

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