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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


With all of the buzz surrounding the Thor movie, set to come out in 2011, I have been getting more questions about the character.  While the interest in him seems to be piqued, people aren't picking up his books on their own.  This could be credited to the sheer amount of Thor books out there, but I'm going to simplify things for you.  Here are five MUST READS for anyone with even a passing fancy in the Odinson.  That's not to say you have to read them all, but I'd say you should have at least two of five checked of before you watch Hemsworth swing Mjolnir (that's Thor's hammer, people).

 1. Thor: Ages of Thunder

Thor is the favored son of Odin, a paragon of bravery, nobility and strength. From Asgard to Hel and through all realms between, Thor's titanic struggles on behalf of his beloved homeland of fellow immortals have become legend.

But what happens when Thor decides to stand down? To not clean up the mess that the gods themselves create? To teach his vain brethren of fellow immortals - and even his father, Odin - that he is note one to take for granted?

2. Thor: Blood Oath
The Warriors Three are put on trial for murder.  Standing beside his brothers-in-arms, Thor ties himself to their fate, as the are sent on an impossible journey by the Giants to pay their "weird" - a blood price for the killing of a Giant's son.  Thor and his three allies will journey across many lands - through Greece, Midgard, Asia and Africa - and clash with gods, monsters, the dead - and occasionally each other!

3. Loki
There are two sides to every story. You've heard Thor's - now it's time to hear Loki's. Odin's least favorite son rewrites Asgardian lore from his perspective in this groundbreaking collection, featuring the breathtaking painted artwork of Esad Ribic (Wolverine). In this story, Loki's insatiable lust for power, his conflicted sentiments toward Sif, his antipathy toward Balder, and his deep-seated feelings of longing and resentment toward his older brother, Thor, and uncaring father, Odin, will take on new meaning. And if that's not enough, just stare at the lush painted art by Ribic - you won't be disappointed!

4. Avengers Disassembled: Thor
The end is nigh for the gods of Asgard, and only Thor and his Avengers allies might be able to stave off that fate - but will the Thunder God be Asgard's savior, or the architect of its downfall?

Beset on all sides by treacherous foes from his past, the God of Thunder leads the tattered remnants of the forces of Asgard on a desperate quest, as the Realm Eternal burns.  In search of new wisdom, Thor must repeat the ordeals of Odin - and the price may be too terrible for even an immortal to pay!

5. Thor by Straczynski
In the wake of Ragnarok, Thor re-awakens from nothingness as only a god can.  As he searches for his brethren, Thor must also come to grips with that which has transpired in his abscence.  In the short time Thor has been gone, the world seems to have been turned upside down as his former allies have warred with one another with disastrous results.  Moreover, Asgard has returned, but in the middle of Oklahoma.  Moving forward, Thor must take the throne of Asgard and redefine life for gods amongst mortals.

* Blurbs taken from back of books
- Ryan

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