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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week's Picks

1. Secret Avengers #3
What hides in the depths of the red planet?  How does it link to the Shadow Empire lurking behind the scenes in America for nearly 150 years?  And will our heroes be able to save one of their own?  The Secret Avengers duo Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato bring the action.

This team has an interesting mix of intrigue and action.   Brubaker has always been great at building tension in a story while unveiling pieces of a mystery.  Here, we have more of the same, but in space!  I was skeptical when this series started (despite my love for Cap and Brubaker), but it is really picking up steam.  Do not write this one off, it is unique from the other Avengers books and a lot of fun.

2. Flash #4
The original Captain Boomerang returns as BRIGHTEST DAY continues. Meanwhile, Barry must prove his innocence to the Renegades, cops from the 25th  century. Discover what connection they have to the Rogues and what travesties have occurred in the future.

Geoff Johns is able to capture a lot of the fast-paced spirit of the Flash without being too heavy.  Despite some troubling circumstances and a chaotic battle in the middle of the city, Flash retains the calm optimism we love him for.

3. Uknown Soldier #22
On the trail of Moses, his wife Sera, weary from the horror that has pervaded her life, stops to witness an Acholi wedding. Tradition and love beneath a sprawling blue sky... now she'll have to convince herself to turn her back on a beautiful world and follow Moses into the darkness.

Dysart's gritty and honest look at the dark side of war is stark and compelling.  If you have not check this out yet, it is worth your time to do so.  When you decide to take a break from super heroes, be sure to look up Moses.

4. Wizards of Mickey #7
The final battle with the Phantom Blot nears! Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have a score to settle with Peg Leg Pete and the Beagle Boys, but thanks to uninvited guests their conflict is about to get real big real fast! Be there for a Wizard Team Battle Royale! 

Time for might, magic, and Mickey!  This story is tons of fun for the kids.  Bring them in with you.

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