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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekly Spotlight: Nothing Better

On the rack this week is print collection number two of Tyler Page's webcomic Nothing Better! The Eisner-nominated creator of Stylish Vittles keeps the college-centric slice-of-life coming with a diverse group of young folks navigating the highs and lows of growing up.

St. Urho College is home to an ensemble cast of misfits, athletes, artists, and wallflowers who are, above all, just normal kids in a transitional period.  Crushes, trouble, and misunderstandings abound. At the center of it all are Jane and Katt, odd-couple roommates building a tenuous friendship: Jane is studious and straight-laced, questioning her Christian beliefs for the first time, while Katt is a wild-child agnostic with a few doubts of her own.  They give voice to the overarching themes of relationships and ideals that drive the story.

The artwork is in black and white, with gray tones; it alternates between highly-detailed settings and cartoonish exaggeration.  Page has made the leap from autobiography to YA fiction with alacrity; check it out today!

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