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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shiny New Comics

Okay, they might not be that shiny, but they are kind of glossy.

Darkwing Duck #1 - Suck gas, evildoers! He is the terror that flaps in the night.  He is the termite that devours your floor board.  He is the batteries that are not included.  He is the wierdo that sits next to you on the bus.  I could do these all day.  Give yourself a treat and check out this fantastic character.  The comic retains all of the charm and wit of the animated series.  It's sure to please old and new fans alike.  As "Double-D" would say, "let's get dangerous.
Walking Dead #73 - Rick and company have integrated into their new community fairly well.  Each has a new job and they are learning how adjust to life inside the wall.  Something still seems off about them, so Rick isn't going to feel safe until they get their guns back from the locked room. When Rick and Glenn make a play for the firearms, will their fragile peace fall apart?

Brightest Day #4 -  This is the follow-up series to Blackest Night and the driving force in the DC Universe.  If you want to make sense of super hero zombies of yesterday, you need to pick this book up.  Boston Brand (formerly Deadman) continues to get pulled around by the white ring as it slowly unveils its hidden purpose.
 The New Avengers #1 - In the wake of a few bad years for the Avengers, Steve Rogers gives Luke Cage an opportunity to put together his own team of Avengers.  It looks like they are going to start with a bang.  There is a supernatural threat emerging that is more than the world is prepared for.  You'll have to read this series to see if Cage and his new crew can pull it together fast enough to protect the Marvel Universe from this mysterious threat.

- Ryan

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