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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picks of the Week

the Flash: Secret Files & Origins 2010

In the aftermath of BLACKEST NIGHT and THE FLASH: REBIRTH comes the beginning of a new era for Barry Allen and the deadly Rogues! As Barry readjusts to life again, strange happenings explode across Central City that will lead to one of the most bizarre murder mysteries Barry will ever face in the upcoming THE FLASH #1!

If you've never read a Flash book now is a good time to start. With Geoff Johns writing you couldn't ask for a better jumping off point. Everything you need to know about all of the current Flashes can be found in this book which includes a handy dossier-style description of the main characters after the story. You will not be disappointed!

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton
Things look bleak for the Kryptonians as Brainiac reveals his trump card for destroying the planet, leaving Zod grasping at straws as to how to defend his people. But Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes have made it aboard Brainiac's ship, determined to stop the tyrant at any cost!

This issue has everything: General Zod being a giant jerk, a surprising villain appears again, the much needed return of the Legion of Superheroes,  and some serious Brainiac butt-kicking. But is that all enough to stop Brainiac from adding another bottle to his collection?

Marvel Zombies 5
To obtain a cure for the zombie virus for Morbius the Living Vampire, Aaron Stack, Agent of ARMOR, must traverse alternate realities hunting down the plague in all its myriad forms...with a most unusual (but somehow oddly appropriate) partner! First up: in the Alterniverse known as "The Territory," the Old West never died. But when the greatest gunslingers of Marveldom -- Two-Gun Kid, Phantom Rider, Kid Colt, and many others -- rise from their graves in Boot Hill, the stage is set for a High Noon showdown with flesh-eating outlaws the likes of which you've never seen! 

I know what you're thinking ANOTHER Marvel Zombies book, but don't let that 5 up there fool you, this one is worth it. Each issue will focus on one alternate Earth where Machine Man must collect zombie samples in order to find a cure. First Earth up: OLD WEST EARTH. I'll give you a little tid-bit its got Quick-silver as a quick-draw gunslinger. Awesome.

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