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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lloyd's Pick of the Month


Find out exactly how Iron Man's deadliest nemesis came to be. A tale from the early days of the Marvel Universe, this saga contains secrets never-before-revealed of the first-ever meeting between the Golden Avenger and the global terrorist known only as the Mandarin! What really happened during that first encounter? Even if you've read the original comics (TALES OF SUSPENSE #50 – 55), you only know HALF of the story! Collecting IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN #1-6.

This is a retro retelling of Iron Man’s first encounter with the Mandarin.  I love (almost) all things retro. Just the feel of it!  Iron Man being one of my favorites, this story rocks, & it features early rogues and a classic east vs. west story.  I want this in IRON MAN 3.

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