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Monday, June 6, 2011

One Man's Fight Against Destiny

Kidnapped as a child and trained by a band of magicians in an isolated stone fortress, Drazen is destined to seek out and defeat his own father, the renegade magician named Lancaster.

There are few villains in graphic novels who know how to make and execute a plan well.  When they do, it is certainly something to behold.  Not to tip their hand too much, but Lancaster is one of those villains.  If this were all Day of the Magicians had to offer, it would have been a decent read.  Fortunately for you, La Neve and Nizzoli brought a lot more to the table than just an intelligent villain.  There is a believable human quality in each of the main characters in this story. Their emotions, motivation, and reactions are honest and compelling.  Take the journey with Drazen as he approachs the most important day in his life.

Recommended for fans of Fables, Unwritten, and Magus


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