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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rack Pick: Ivy

Acclaimed cartoonist Sarah Oleksyk makes her graphic-novel debut with Ivy, on shelves now from Oni Press!

The title character is a high school senior in small-town Maine, struggling to navigate her rocky relationships with friends, teachers, her single mother, and an alluring but flaky boy she meets at an out-of-town college fair.  This novel's strong suit is its unflinching portrayal of the ugly side of teenage nature; angst, selfishness, short tempers, and bad decisions drive the story, but the result is ultimately more humanizing than alienating.  We follow Ivy's highs and lows- deftly rendered in black, white, and gray- with the understanding that she'll emerge from adolescence as a wiser, more fully-realized adult.

Ivy was originally self-published as a series if mini-comics in Portland, Oregon.  Lucky for us it's found wider release, so give it a look today!

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