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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Employee Pick: King City #12

Brandon Graham's pun-filled urban epic King City wraps up this week with issue #12 on stands courtesy of Image comics!  Now, we've discussed this title here on the blog before, and how picking it up could be the biggest favor you do yourself this decade.  It's one-of-a-kind, snappy and off-the-wall with so much detail packed into every page that you could spend hours going over all the little hidden treasures with a magnifying glass.  Graham has an incredible passion for comics; he weathered the collapse of Tokyopop (KC's original publisher) and a bout with cancer 6 issues in and came out swinging.  Real love for the medium shines through here- we follow Catmaster Joe as he fights a demon king, masked man Pete as he falls for a water-breathing alien girl, and Korean Xombie War veteran Max as he and his girlfriend Anna battle drug addiction and PTSD.  It's a wild ride. Now, some of you folks may be the type to wait until a miniseries like this is finished so you can read the whole thing without the seemingly interminable wait between installments, and that is just fine, but THE TIME IS RIGHT AND THE TIME IS NOW to snatch this one up before there's no more copies left!

Though we're sad to see one of our favorites reach the end, Graham will be returning soon with his full-color postapocalyptic Russian werewolf epic Multiple Warheads!  Stay tuned and hang on tight, this is comics at their best!

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  1. One of my fav series currently.I was a little late getting into it so im having a hard time finding issues #3 and #7 for some odd reason.