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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Week's Picks

Walking Dead 78 - 

In this issue, the gang has fun in the sun and enjoys a pool party/barbecue/baseball game/some other random event.  Sorry, that was an old issue of X-men I was looking at.  Those stories were written by people who liked their characters.  Robert Kirkman, writer of Walking Dead, likes to torture his characters (and readers).  There is no time for Rick Grimes to come up for air from the deaths in last issue, we've got another (heavily armed) group circling in on the gang's new safe haven.  It seems like complications are coming at "Constable" Grimes from every angle.  He's going to need to tread carefully or he'll end up in a ditch.  Oh yeah, there's zombies, too.

Morning Glories 4 - 

All right, let's be honest.  I have no idea why these kids have been kidnapped and thrown in this "school", but I'll tell you one thing; I certainly want to.  This comic has all the addictive confusion of "Lost" without polar bears or beaches (so far).  While some of the characters may seem fit in to stereotypes at a first glance, they show a potential for depth and growth.  An interesting mix of OC characters (plus a few IQ points) and a Poe-like feeling of confinement and helplessness, this is a series you definitely want to watch out for. 

New Ultimates 4 - 

"Rampaging Thor".  That's what this issue should be named.  Valkyrie is dead (sorry if you didn't read the last ish) and Goldilocks is not happy.  Like any Viking worth his mettle, his ire results in messy red puddles and death rattles.  Luckily there is a horde of dragons and trolls nearby to bear the brunt of the attack.  Turns out that the Odinson has a bit of a violent streak he's been holding back.  One problem: When Thor runs out of trolls, he might not stop.  Back away slowly while drawing attention to the most expendable Avengers in the area.  Sorry, Hawkeye....

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