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Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Week's Picks

New Avengers #4
The chaos in Marvel Manhattan continues as the New Avengers battle the demons pouring a trans-dimensional rift in the sky.  The man responsible?  Dr. Strange's mentor, the Ancient One.  It seems the good doctor's recent missteps have earned him the a spanking even Odin would wince at.

Irredeemable #17

A confrontation between Qubit and Survivor over Qubit's previous decision to spare the Plutonian's life isn't even the major selling point of this issue.  It's an up-close glimpse at the relationship between Plutonian and Modeus that makes this a must-read. It's hard to give your reader an "oh @#$*!" moment, but it's here.  Open it up and be amazed.

Batman and Robin #14
We've got vicious beatings with crowbars, creepy sado-masochism, an exploding batmobile, the Black Mask, the Joker, Pyg, and Botox.  Is there room in all of this chaos for Batman and Robin?  How do they fit so much in a single issue?  Seriously, this is the build up with a bang.  We normally look for this kind of action at the climax of a story, but Morrison leaves us with a feeling this is just an appetizer for what lies ahead.  Read this for the darkest and most riveting challenge the new Batman and Robin have ever faced.

Lucid #1
It's a comic about a magician spy, what more do you need to know?  The concept alone is worth picking it up, but story is intriguing as well.  It's an interesting mix of James Bond and John Constantine, but entirely fresh.  The art is dynamic enough, I almost felt I was watching Lucid rather than reading it.  This book is something special. Be sure to snag one before they are sold out. 


- Ryan

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