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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPOTLIGHT ON: Avengers Children's Crusade

The Avengers Children's Crusade is a book I checked out knowing absolutely nothing about the Young Avengers, but after one issue, I was hooked. Now that I've gone back and read The Young Avengers Vol. 1: Sidekicks and Vol.2: Family Matters, I'm even more stoked for the next installment. This a great story with a group of dynamic characters who are just as interesting when fighting crime as they are in dealing with more personal issues. My favorites are Hawkeye, a cool chick who kicks butt without having superpowers, and Wiccan and Hulking, who's super cute romantic subplot is a huge draw for me. The amazing art and character designs cement this as a must read for me. I love this series because of the depth put into both the characters and the plotlines, and I can't wait for more.

Check Out AVENGERS: CHILDREN'S CRUSADE #2, Out on Wednesday 9/1/2010

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