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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picks of the Week

Batman Beyond #1
 Terry McGinnis - the Batman of the future - and an elderly Bruce Wayne - the original Batman - are the sworn protectors of Neo-Gotham. But when someone targets The Dark Knight's old foes, the new Batman must begin a case that reaches back into Bruce Wayne's past and puts Terry's future directly in danger!
Don't miss the long-awaited return of the popular Batman Beyond franchise in this 6-issue adventure from Emmy Award-nominated animation writer Adam Beechen (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and artist Ryan Benjamin (BATMAN & THE OUTSIDERS). And be sure to check out the SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #4 from writer Paul Levitz and artist Renato Guedes starring the Batman Beyond characters! 

If you were like me you grew up in the 90's watching Batman Beyond on Saturday mornings. Although it only ran for two years, this show was awesome in its reimagining of the characters we all knew and loved. If you loved the show, you will love this issue and like me be waiting for #2 to come out!

Wonder Woman #600
  You're invited to the gala celebration featuring WONDER WOMAN talent from the past and present to commemorate this landmark issue! Renumbered to reflect Wonder Woman's starring role in 600 issues, this book features the industry's top talent - including Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Pérez, Gail Simone, Joe Madureira and more! Plus, readers won't want to miss a chance to check out the exciting, all-new direction for the Wonder Woman universe as new ongoing writer J. Michael Straczynski  provides a story of his own!

Debuting her new costume in issue #600 Wonder Woman is looking good! The issue includes short stories and pin-ups of Wonder Woman, with the last being a prelude written by Straczynski including his reimagining of her origins. 

Thor #611
Just days after the SIEGE, the best-selling, fan-favorite THOR written by Kieron Gillen continues...and the God of Thunder goes to Hell!
The war dead of Asgard are not resting easily. How did Loki contrive to rob these departed heroes, even in death? What do the wandering spirits want now...and what will they do to get it? The events of SIEGE, THOR and SIEGE: LOKI have profound repercussions!

Things are not looking good in Hell, what with Mephisto & Hela fighting over who lords over what. And who will rule over Asgard: will it be Thor or Balder?

Invincible #73
Invincible is stranded on an alien planet, clinging to life, left battered and broken from his battle with Conquest.  Nolan and Oliver stay behind to nurse him back to health, but meanwhile, out in space, the war rages on.

The fate of Mark is revealed and also a secret about Techjacket's facial hair that you may or may not have been waiting to learn about?!

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