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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picks of the Week

Chew #11
A few months ago an intact mastodon was discovered encased in a glacier in Siberia. A few weeks ago the lab doing DNA sequencing on the prehistoric creature mysteriously burned to the ground. And a few days ago, Special Agent Tony Chu discovered an exclusive diner's club of the very, very rich who commit crimes in order to procure the meat of the rare, exotic and extinct. Tonight is their annual dinner. Guess who's coming to dinner to stop them?

Well its the start of a new storyline folks! Can Chu stop the evil riches from eating prehistoric and extinct animals AND get the girl? We shall see...

Unwritten #14

 The unveiling of the new Tommy Taylor novel is only a day away. London is locked down tight, and Tom's enemies are starting to circle - but it's his friends he should be watching...

The truth behind Lizzie Hexam and Jane Waxman is revealed! Where is Lizzie truly from and how much should Tommy really trust her?

Secret Six #22
It's the bloody (and we mean bloody) conclusion to the "Cat in the Cradle" arc! Catman rages against those that have been trying to destroy his life. Will tensions within the Six force them to leave Catman to fend for himself? And is someone leaving the team? Let's hope not! 

Is anyone else wondering why Cheshire's kids keep dying? Its like she's under some sort of gypsy curse. Would not want to be her kid...

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