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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picks for the Week


The Heroic Age Continues! What the heck is Moon Knight doing on an Avengers team? And what's the deal with Nova? Well check out the latest launch in the Marvel Avengers line up and find out. The book is written by Ed Brubaker and the art is by Mike Deodato, so that's quite an A list team to start up this new book. Check it out.


Pick your poison. Is it Thanos or the the "new dark force" that wishes to annihilate the Marvel Universe? Find out what cosmic heroes are called upon to battle the two forces and what the cosmic consequences will be. Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with artwork by Brad Walker, the results are sure to pack a healthy punch of action, and plenty of good fun. 


Grant Morrison has been busy spinning his tale of Bruce Wayne's return. Now it looks like Bruce is running around with the Puritans, at least the Joker's not around to stuff the turkey. Let's see where Bruce's adventures will take us next, you know with Grant Morrison it should be a fun ride, and the Frazier Irving artwork makes for a stunning presentation. Enjoy.


Steve Niles and Fiona Staples team up in this new book from IDW. And with Steve Niles at the controls, it's sure to be a fun ride. This team of vigilantes that form the Mystery Society (Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins) take on all comers in this story dealing with the secrets behind Area 51. 

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