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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picks of the Week

Blackest Night #8

The extra-sized conclusion to the most talked-about event in comics is here, and the results will change the course of the DC Universe for years to come. Earth has become the final battleground for life versus death, but how will our heroes fight back against the darkness of sentient space itself? And what does the future hold for Green Lantern, The Flash and the rest of the world's greatest heroes and villains? Find out here as the stage is set for the next epic era of DC Comics!

This is it.  The war of light comes to a mind shattering conclusion.  Who will die? Who will be resurrected?  This is a must read for any fan of the DCU. 

X-Men 2nd Coming: Chapter 1

MANY WILL BE WOUNDED. SEVERAL WILL DIE. The climax of four years of X-Men stories is the X-Event of 2010! What started in HOUSE OF M with the Decimation of mutantkind and erupted with the first new mutant birth in MESSIAH COMPLEX finishes here. In the epic crossover SECOND COMING, Cyclops' faith pays off when Cable returns to the present with Hope, the girl he believes to be the mutant messiah. But will she be the savior or destroyer of mutantkind? We may never know, as she is the target of an initiative for mutant eradication unlike anything they X-Men have ever experienced. Many will be wounded. Several will die. Is Hope worth it? 

 The new status quo of the X-Universe starts here.  It's always darkest before the dawn and the only thing that Scott Summers has to hold onto is hope.  We'll see if his faith is rewarded.  Some great action and Finch's art gives this story a cinematic feel.

A landmark issue where shocking truths are revealed! The amazing powers unlocked by the secret journals of Nikola Tesla lead to a bitter fight between RASL and his partners. Too late, RASL realizes how closely tied truth and danger are!

This is book is a must read.  One of the best sci fi books being made today.  Smith is a great storyteller and the world of RASL just sucks you in. 

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