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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picks of the Week

What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He's systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he's now set his sights on Washington, DC. Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade.

Millar is back at what he does best, over the top violence and his partner McNiven is back to bring us all the gory glory. We all love villains because they get to have the most fun. I can’t wait to read a story where the may actually win. Who doesn’t love an evil Batman?


In JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, Roy Harper lost everything at the hands of Prometheus, barely surviving the brutal severing of his arm. But when he finally awakens from his coma, Roy will find that his dangerous journey into despair is just beginning.

Roy Harper has been going through a rough time lately. It looks like things may be getting a little rougher…


She's been gone for a long time, but she's coming back. This isn't a hoax. This isn't a joke. Kitty Pryde is back in this over-sized special issue of UNCANNY X-MEN.

Kitty’s been gone for quite a while now. Will this be a happy return or a tearful one? X-Fans should check this one out!

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